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Space Saving Indoor Vertical Garden – DIY

Space Saving Indoor Vertical Garden – DIY

Gardening is a form of therapy for me. When I need to escape from everything, I run to my garden for some me-time. Not to mention, copious amounts of instant gratification. Which, I thrive on.

For the days when I need my garden therapy, but the weather is not cooperating, I tend to my indoor garden. You might be surprised how easy it is to bring your garden inside, especially during the winter months.

The Idea

To show you just how easy (and inexpensive!) starting an indoor garden is, I thought I’d share a few super fabulous DIY project ideas for creating your indoor vertical garden.

This past weekend, I stumbled on a vertical hanging garden on clearance, and couldn’t believe my good luck. It was just what I was looking for! I grabbed it up, headed to the nursery to pick out a few air purifying indoor plants, pea rocks and potting soil. Then practically skipped to checkout.

How to do It

Once home, I set up a sort of assembly line for planting the eight plants, in four containers. To promote better irrigation and air circulation, I filled the bottom of the four planters with two inches of pea gravel. Then I scooped in potting soil until each pot was 2/3 full. I grabbed a plant and split it into the various pots. I let the roots dictate how many times the plant would be split up. Some had three or four separate plant shoots; some had just one.

vertical planter DIY

One-by-one, I split up the plants and tucked them into the planters; adding potting soil when needed, until the planters where filled.

planting in the box

Once the planters were filled, I watered each plant and made sure the soil and plants were firmly ‘planted’ in the box.

indoor garden

While I was outside planting, the Aussie was inside hanging the vertical planter on the wall. Four screws later, I was ready to build my indoor garden masterpiece! Which, meant handing the pots to the Aussie, while he hooked them into place via the built in hooks on each planter.

planter mounting

I couldn’t believe how great the vertical garden looked…

final result

I am so in love with this vertical Garden. I’m not sure what I love more, how it looks or that all the plants fall into the NASA recommended 18 best indoor air purifying plants, which will be huge this winter when the doors and windows are sealed shut.

Even if you don’t have a south facing window, much space, or time to care for the plant, there is one (or 10!) out there perfect for your light, space and time!

My next project is to create an indoor herb garden.

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